Saturday, March 12, 2011

And six months later...

After doing a bit of math, I realized I should probably update this site a teeny bit. Here's a bit of an update on what has gone on with us the last six moths and a bit about what is going on I suppose :)
- We spent a lovely time in California for our five year anniversary in October 2010. It was a lovely trip; we stayed with Michael's uncle on our way to and from San Francisco. They were amazing letting us crash at their place as we kind of showed up late and left early both days without being able to see them very much. We love you guys! Since I just barely found the camera charger (lost since that trip) hopefully I will be able to post some pictures soon.
- We survived the holidays, yay! That is all.
- I got a job at Good Earth Natural Foods and am liking being in an environment with a lot of amazing co-workers that think similar thoughts (not to mention good people to work for and a really nice discount on stuff I actually use), thought it is funny working in the heartbeat of Utah County and being in the almost minority because I don't have a tattoo :)
- We redecorated the house a bit, we felt the time was right to be a little more grown up and we put away all the toy decorations. We also have a meditation room now that is proving very useful indeed.
- Michael took us to a fertility clinic and we unknowingly spent all of our savings on some very pointless blood tests and a very pointless consultation, phooey.
- We had a little adventure housing a stray cat for a while during the winter, we were able to fix him and find him a new home, but my carpet may never recover
- I watched the first season of She-Ra on netflix and had a total blast, that show is awesome! I thought it would be perfect for my little niece (age 4) who loves princesses and swords, but when I showed her an episode her critique was "I liked some of it, Aunt Risa, but not all of it."

- I just got a new position at Good Earth as a Wellness Counselor, where I get to work in the supplement section helping customers find things and answering questions, and it actually pays to study herbs, nutrition, and all things awesome and natural and naturally good for you
- My mom has decided to move back to Utah, it's all madness but I have an amazing husband and ridiculously amazing sister who are handling it

- We've laughed, we've cried, we've watched lots of movies and shows, including Tangled (loved), Rango (great), Inception (Michael loved), 30 Rock (Michael's favorite), 3rd Rock From the Sun (Risa's show), Krull (wow...), A Town Called Panic (awesome), Red (very good), Gnomeo and Juliet (really good if you can catch all of the Shakespeare allusions to other plays), and Megamind (liked). Somehow Michael has even gained a reputation at work for liking poorly done movies, although we couldn't stand the Fearless Vampire Killers, go figure. And we've also deemed the lower writing budget for the new episodes of Futurama as very unfortunate.
- After seeing the preview for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Michael says we should get another animal and name it Captain Jack Sparrow so that we can have all of the major pirate captains (the good ones anyway) covered
- With much anticipation and freaking out on my part, we have decided to become foster parents and hopefully adopt through that system - (we love you all but yes we know what we're doing, only happy thoughts please), we start training in April

Six months later and I still need that video on Hope, it's a good one :)

Hope all is well for you!