Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I needed this today

I saw this link on my journal blog, and I sure needed it today. I hope you enjoy it, if it doesn't work right you can go here to view it and many other amazing things.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

And We're Back!

Hello All! (As I'm sure there are so many people out there reading this blog :P). Maybe someday I will catch up with different events that have happened for the majority of this year, but for now a short post that we are alive and well and are back on the net. As the purpose for creating this blog was to help our adoption efforts, when we decided recently not to pursue adoption further the blog needed a focus overhaul, and after months of procrastination here it is! So yes, we have decided not to continue our efforts to expand our family through adoption, but we still believe that it is and can be a great and amazing experience and we are still adoption supporters. Anyhew, other than all of the craziness with that, things are going relatively well around here. We just finished (kinda) pulling the house apart and putting things into storage or donating to yard sales what we felt we needed to, and it was a neat experience. I have always had an attachment to "stuff", but as we are starting a new chapter in our lives it was nice to go through it all and really make a step to help our home feel more clean and put together. So alas, the great inspiration for the original title of this blog (Mike and Risa's Jolly Blog of Doom), aka all of our Invader Zim memorabilia, went into the storage bins to have its fate decided later, and pretty much all of the pictures I had posted on this blog about the look and layout of our home have drastically changed, but all for the better at least. It's an interesting feeling to suddenly wake up and realize that you're "all grown up" (to an extent, at least feeling your age finally), but Michael and I feel ready and excited for whatever the future may bring.  We love all of you family and friends and truly appreciate all of your love and support, especially through the rough times this year and beyond. We are going to keep trying for children, wish us luck - we'll need plenty of it :)