Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day trip to Bremen!

Hey hey hey. 
So, over the Christmas season (2014), we made a little trip to Bremen.  Somehow, we chose the absolute WORST weather for this trip. It had been a pretty mild winter so far, not a lot of rain, not terribly cold... except that day. Rain. All day. Nevertheless, it was super beautiful and we were able to see one of the coolest towns with some of the best Christmas markets in northern Germany.  Definitely worth it.  

Coming across the bridge from Hauptbahnhoff into town, there's a nice little windmill. 

This is a very interesting set of statues. Apparently in the "old days" of Bremen, this was were the pig farmers would walk the pigs and people would bring out scraps and throw them for the pigs. Fun.

This is town square with the cathedral in the background. We even had a few moments of sun!!!

This is a picture of "Roland" - a town hero from days of yore. My favorite thing about this photo is the giant spikes on his knees, which I can only assume were used to impale sinners and nay-do-wells.

My theory is that this is where the phrase "holy cow" comes from.  Cool statue on the side of the cathedral.

This guy is super sad about the snake biting his hand.

Inside the cathedral. Sorry it's so crooked. :(  Learn to use your camera guys!

Very pretty place to have a Christmas market.

 This is the famous Town Musicians statue. Apparently they are from a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. You're supposed to hold onto the donkey's front legs and make a wish... who knew donkeys and genies had so much in common?

This is the entrance to Böttcherstraße - famous for it's crazy architechture.

I love the narrow street - it's like being in a slot canyon.

This is another famous statue that was made in Botcherstrasse. It also features the town musicians on the railing.

Ha ha. Somebody is awesome.

In Bremen they also have a "pirate" themed Christmas market down on the river front. It was totally awesome! Everyone at the booths was dressed up in pirate gear!

Nothing soothes the soul like an Elk brat.

Anyway - it was a very nice day trip. I'm happy that we went. I highly recommend it.