Monday, February 17, 2014

Thailand - Kanchanaburi

Hey peeps.

So, it's been a full year since our trip to Thailand, nevertheless, I haven't posted on the 2nd half of the trip yet. The excursion to Kanchanaburi!  So - here are some sweet photos and explanations:

Context: we were spending almost a full week in Bangkok when we decided that we wanted to see a bit more of Thailand during that time. We found an awesome 2-day tour to central Thailand - it included a night on a floating bamboo hotel, a hike up a stunning 7 tier waterfall, and elephant riding. :)  It was awesome.

First - at a pit-stop on our way to the Kanchanaburi region, a shop owner had a leopard on display. Kinda weird and sad, but still cool.  The guy in the background made the mistake of petting it... that's why his arm is being bandaged. :)

Thailand Mountains - totally awesome.

On the bamboo raft - heading for the floating hotel.

Riding elephants - nothing makes you feel more like an entitled emperor.  I can speak from personal experience.

A small waterfall / swimming hole where we stopped for a bit.  Pretty nice, but it was nothing to what was to come...

The floating bamboo hotel. Really cool - the view up the river was incredible.  Mountains and mist and jungle. Amazing.

The foot of the 7-tier Erawan waterfall trail.

Of course, traveling in South-East Asia wouldn't be complete without a giant spider.  We couldn't get super close, but it looked to be a good hand-sized beast.

There were SEVERAL pools this size where you could stop and swim along the hike up.  All being fed by gorgeous cascading falls. One of the coolest places I've ever seen, without doubt.

While exploring this little tier of falls, I happened upon a huge monitor lizard. He was as surprised to see me as I was to see him. You can't really tell from the photo, but he was easily the length of my arm.

The pic speaks for itself I think. And it says... AWESOME.

These fish were swimming in all the pools and if you kept your feet still, they would nibble on your toes and legs!  It was the craziest feeling ever!  It tickled like MAD, but apparently the people of the region actually go to places and pay to get this kind of thing. They call it a "fish massage" - it's kind of a skin treatment. Crazy awesome stuff.

Super crazy bonkers awesome coolness.