Monday, October 13, 2008

Mighty Mike's Majestic Monologue of... Majesty!

Soooooo... I thought it was finally time for me to post something completely independent of Risa. And in this blog, I will proceed to blow your minds with an account of the last little while. Or not.

So, Risa and I just attended adoption training over the weekend. Wow - that was awesome. I cannot lie - I TOTALLY did not want to be there (not that I don't want to adopt - because I do with every cell of by body - but I thought it would be really boring and not helpful). However, it ended up being really good, and my wife is super spectacular for putting up with my initial whining. We learned all sorts of neat stuff. I won't get into the details - that would probably be really uninteresting for you.

Over the weekend we also saw the movie "IGOR" on the big screen. I liked it quite a bit. Of course there is ALWAYS something that could be better - in this case it was the ending mostly, but surprisingly, Risa didn't like it so much, which is weird because she is generally way less harsh on animated films than I am. I personally think that even animated films should be able to feel the wraith of my critical analysis and stand up to it. A few have - like "Nightmare Before Christmas" (tis the season baby), and "Monster House", but most fall short. Speaking of critical analysis, I have a game critique that I simply must expound on here. I recently played through "Advent Rising" - a game created here in Utah about 3 years ago and which Orson Scott Card wrote the story for. I gotta say - every game should have a professional writer working on it, because it pays off. The story in this game was AWESOME. Though, that was also part of its downfall. The game was more like a movie "trying" to be a game. In my opinion there needed to be way more gameplay and way less cutscenes. Plus - it seemed that, because they spent so much time on the story, the gameplay mechanics suffered. The geometry didn't mesh well, the progression system was a way cool idea, but was overall pretty limited and superficial, and I found myself saying "what - the game's over already? Come on!"

Anyway - Risa will probably get mad that I spent all my time talking about a game critique. Plus, I need to go facilitate "weird movie night" now that my aunt Laura and cousin Gage are here. So - I will write more later. Peace,

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