Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Optimal Occupation of Opulent Opportunity (aka - our long stay with Michael's parents)

This picture is probably how you feel after looking at the title of this post, eh? It's also kind of how I feel after being away for so long - not pretty, I know. For those of you who may know and for those of you who may not know, we were not living at home for the majority of the month of June and part of July this year. Why, you might ask? Well, starting in April Michael and one of this co-workers got the awesome opportunity to be contracted out (kind of a worker on loan sort of thing) to a large, well-known game studio in the town where his parents live, about an hour drive or so away. They carpooled for most of the time, but when the project end as well as the contract end was approaching, the game studio asked Michael to work much longer days to get everything done. Long story short, it worked out much better to "live" at his parents' house, 5 minutes from the studio, and have me drive to work (I only work part-time so it wasn't bad and I could check on the cat) so that we could like, you know, see each other or something. Yeah, why would married people want to do that? Hee hee, as crazy as it was, or at least as crazy as the poor cat got, it worked out rather well and we must say that WE LOVE OUR PARENTS. They were so much more than gracious to us during our stay there, and they are just awesome people. We had fun watching the beautiful sunsets, hanging out at the fire pit, swinging in the hammock, helping in the garden, and watching Bosa get spoiled rotten by his grandparents and having no cats to boss him around. He had so much fun with our parents' two dogs Muffin and Pubbs. The dogs were only too happy to see him go, but he would try every day to get Muffin to play with him. One of the best things was seeing Bosa bounce up and down through the myrtle plants in the back yard. We tried to get some video - it didn't work too well, but we tried. Also, our parents have chickens and get eggs every day, and one day we decided to give one to Bosa to see what he would do. Lo and behold, he carried it off carefully and hid it! We made him do it a couple of times and here is a short video of it. Anyhew, I would go here to view some pictures of our stay there. I just found out that I don't have much room on my online photo album because I upload photos to it and then anything I put on our blog also goes there, so I'm duplicating things and running out of room! (I might put some in anyway and then open an account for Michael or something... hee hee hee...).

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