Wednesday, April 7, 2010

... "Don't worry, there's a bunny"

So, if you haven't heard comedian Jim Gaffigan's monologue on holidays, you need to go here and view it now or suffer the mighty wrath of doom! :) Just kidding, there is no wrath, you may simply not enjoy the full force of the title of this post. Anyhew, we spent a fabulous but short Easter weekend with Michael's parents at their condo in St. George. It's crunch time on the project Michael is doing at work, so we left late Friday night and came home Sunday evening, but it was really fun nonetheless. It was a nice break to relax in the sun (who knew there could be sun in Utah in April?) while listening to General Conference (an event that happens twice a year where leaders from our church speak on various topics, very awesome stuff) and spending time with Michael's brother Scotty, his wife Chelsie, and their ADORABLE baby girl Jezzy who live in St. George so we don't see them a lot. Between the Saturday sessions, we all went shooting and celebrated Easter in a way by shooting eggs with 22 rifles, man was it fun watching them explode.
Here's Michael holding Jezzy at the shooting range. She was a little sleepy and was working hard to gum her way through a piece of dried pear as she only has a few teeth. (I have to brag that I have the best hubby in the world, who couldn't look at this picture without making an "awww" sound?)
Here we are at the place where we go shooting. It was lots of fun. (We only get the guns out to shoot creepy DI finds, broken electronics, eggs, and those ceramic disk things you buy at the ammo store, otherwise they are tucked away neatly at Michael's parents' house unloaded, etc.) For Easter dinner we had brunch at the Casa Blanca Hotel buffet, how could Easter be complete without crab legs and heat lamps? It was awesome. We are so grateful for loving family! We also went to see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Saturday night with Scott and Chelsie, and it was SO AWESOME, we totally need to own it as soon as it comes out. This upcoming weekend we're off to visit Michael's friends Rory and Raphelle in New York City, woot woot! Full report to follow once we return home. True to our last post, here's a short and rather strange video of dancing bunnies! -It's extra neat because Risa used to make sugar eggs for Easter with her Grandma when she was little, enjoy!

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Mike, Mary, and Maggie said...

Shooting eggs. That is a new one. maybe we will have to try it out. Have Fun in NYC. We went there a few months before we got Maggie and had a blast!!!! We really want to go back.