Friday, May 21, 2010

Our crazy family...

So, when Michael got home from work yesterday, there had been such beautiful weather that we had to take the dog for a walk. After a couple hours of getting dinner ready, we were finally able to get out the door. Little did we know the two cats were out also, which is fine as they love going outside, but it made the evening interesting. Normally cat owners (at least in our experience) don't have to worry about their kitties leaving the general area of their home, but as our family has been anything but normal why should that be an exception? As we began our walk around the neighborhood, both of the cats ran up beside us and followed us the entire time, Teach harassing Inca and playfully rolling in the gutters as we walked along the sidewalk, sometimes even running and tackling Bosa as he tried to get ahead of us, Inca being upset that Teach was on the same planet, all sorts of fun. Risa was a little stubborn about leaving the immediate neighborhood with cats in tow (she worries they won't cross streets as fast), so we just walked a small circle around the homes where we live, but we have the feeling they would follow us anywhere (Inca has been known to follow us to church a few blocks away). We wonder what the neighbors thought, but as our cats are known for following us to other people's houses and sitting outside yowling until we come out, maybe it's not unusual behavior. It was a peculiar experience and brought new meaning to "taking the family for a walk."(Funny though how they will follow us freely, but if we try to put a harness or leash on them they turn into lumps of limp kitty). There was another time when Teach followed us to the gas station next door but sat on the fence at the edge of the lot and cried like a wounded animal until we got our redbox movie and came back. Fun times, fun times. Ah well, it could be worse, we could have this :)
video game lol ANIMAL ABUSE

(Go to this website for more fun kitty pics!)

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