Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monkey Mountain

On Sunday (a couple of weeks ago now), after church Michael really wanted to get out of the house, so we went for another drive - this time attempting to find the top of Monkey Mountain. Monkey Mountain is a very beautiful mountain on the northeast side of Da Nang, out on the peninsula past the Giant Buddha we visited last month. Like idiots, we forgot our camera so we had to use our phones instead - and everything always looks better on a little phone than on your computer. Here are some pics of the drive:
The view of Da Nang on our way around the peninsula, you can just see the high-rise buildings in the distance, covered in clouds and possibly pollution as well.

Another view of the peninsula, clouds were all over the tops of the mountains.

Beautiful rocky shores around the eastern end. This was near one of the most expensive and beautiful resorts in Da Nang, I can't remember the name but we hope to visit there with our friends sometime for dinner, they have told us it is really amazing. We actually drove around the back of the resort to go up the mountain, it was crazy steep.

Here's the view as we start the climb, the road went almost completely straight up the mountain, it didn't wind back and forth like they do in the states. At times the road was so steep I had to get off the bike and walk while Michael tried to drive up the road - our bike wasn't very happy but it made it.

Here's Michael turning the bike around, it got too steep for my liking so we parked the bike and hiked up the road for a while instead.

Here you can see what the road looked like. Apparently we came up the steep way, we were passed by a lot of Vietnamese people driving the other way. They are so skilled on motorbikes they were going a lot faster than I ever let Michael go :)

The clouds were so beautiful! The top of the mountain was covered, so the lighting was always changing as the density of the clouds changed overhead.

Here is a little video of the clouds, hopefully the quality is viewable!

The best part of the drive were the local animals we were lucky enough to see up there, but I will post separately about that so I have enough room for the post :)

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