Friday, November 30, 2012

Belated videos from Singapore

I was reviewing some of the old posts and realized I had promised some videos that I forgot to post. So - here they are, not the best quality (sorry!) and I think one of them is sideways because Michael forgets that our phones only work one way... but it is neat nonetheless. Enjoy!

The first video is inside the Chinese Temple in Singapore. They were having services, and it was really really astounding (I am trying to find words other than amazing to use, I think I used that word at least 10 times in the Singapore post...). Sorry it is sideways...

This second video is of a Punjab style dance troupe that performed for a dance/cultural festival they were having in the Marina Bay Amphitheater. This is just them practicing, but it shows the amazing dancing. I believe they are Sikh? Anyhew, I have a video of their night performance where they are dressed up in costume, but it's 8 minutes long so I figured the short video would be better. It was one of my favorite things in Singapore, the music is amazing and the dancing was a blast - at night they would perform then teach the accumulated crowd some of the steps. I hope you can see it ok!

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Sherri said...

They did a dance like that on Dancing With the Stars! I love watching that style too. It looks like it takes a bunch of stamina, oh and the costumes they wear...beautiful.