Friday, December 21, 2012

Today is a Goad Day...

The title of this post comes off an actual shirt we saw last week.
We've seen enough of these that we just can't help ourselves anymore - we have to write about it and laugh. Something that is quite common out here is to see misspellings and complete nonsense on clothing. As a group, us expats have had deep philosophical discussions on if this phenomenon is due to something like getting all of the reject clothes from China, or if it's like how in the USA you see cool Chinese characters on clothing and they are either total nonsense or strange words like "table" in Chinese, or if it's just the fact that they don't speak English well so they don't know what they're putting on, but ultimately it's hilarious any way you look at it.

The one that really secured it in our heads that this would be a fun event to document was a pink sweatshirt we saw, that read as follows:

Nothing like a sign of brotherly love and peace to encourage the troops to pursue their enemies, eh?

Michael has decided that he wants to photograph what he can (to my embarrassment...) but at least we can share some photos of actual shirts
On this one, if you open it full screen and zoom in a bit, you will read the words: 
love witl
pmd a way

(That last word may or may not be an "f", it might be a "t" instead, but I can't remember for sure...)

 And then, in the middle of the HCMC market, we saw this lovely example:

And then there's this shirt, which I ACTUALLY OWN. I neglected to look closely when I bought it in Saigon, but at least it's comfy! (sorry about the chest shot- that was Michael's idea of course :)  )

Alas, there have been countless ones we've seen but haven't been able to capture on camera due to something silly like driving or some other task that seems to require responsible use of hands, so yeah - here are some photos of weird grammar errors/usage on buildings, in restaurants, and even on food!

 Mmmm, so many choices....

 Don't forget to look close at the bottom right corner, because we care what you do :)

The most popular sugar replacement here (other than boxes of aspartame - not joking) is Isomalt. Which will be sure to help you prevent those nasty Diabetic people from entering your home...

Yucka Yucka Yucka

In the end, we do love the people here, and the food, and we especially love that they make us laugh - because when you move over seas you sure need it!

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