Monday, January 19, 2015

Berliner - a city as awesome as the donut is tasty.

Hey hey - I got super behind on our blogging... SORRY BOUT THAT!  As a result, I won't be adding a lot of detail. Actually, this is mostly going to be pictures with a few comments.

We went to Berlin about a year ago. Very cool place. Just a weekend trip, so we didn't see EVERYTHING, but - check it out.

Poles downtown are over-exploited by posters. Big time.

The iconic communications tower. 

Inside the dom. Beautiful.  

On top of the dom - after an extended climb up a lot of stairs. :) 

 The dom from the outside. 

A section of the Berlin wall!  We're trying to look very serious about it.  

I loved these wurst vendors. They were everywhere. 

The iconic crossing signal guy. He's all over the city and is unique to Eastern Germany. 

The best freakin' burger ever - nothing tastes as good as after a HUGE day of walking around without end.

One of the coolest sculptures we saw in all of Berlin, and it happened to be outside the Mexican embassy on an otherwise very unimportant street.

We visited the flohmarkt. It was not only the biggest hipster yardsale I've ever seen, but they had amazing choco-covered waffles!

At the huge chocolate shop / museum.  

Brandenburg Tor. Cool. 

The best freakin' chocolate and marzipan torts that have ever been created ever. Also at the huge chocolate shop / museum downtown.

Also Brandenburg Tor. Night shot. 

As per custom... gourmet hot chocolate for the win.  

Victory tower in Berlin. Climbed to the top. Awesome.  

Pergamon museum - the famous gate of Ishtar. 

Also at the museum.  

The Sony center. Kind of a big outdoor mall thing under a dome. 

And... that's about it. Sorry the text is a bit slim, but I gotta catch up on all our trips from last year!!!

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Sherri said...

Awesome pictures. Josh loves Berlin as well.