Monday, February 2, 2015

Copenhagen: Part 1

Last year we visited Denmark Twice. Yup TWICE. We started off the year thinking that my parents were not going to come and visit, and we wanted Denmark to be a priority for us to visit, so we did a trip in July to the land of our forefathers. :)  It was an amazing trip - very beautiful - very nice. Got to see Bendt Nielsen's farm and feel the ancestral vibes. It was great.  We spent most of our time in Copenhagen, but spent some time in Roskilde at the Viking museum, and also down at Mons Klint to see the chalk cliffs.

THEN... soon after getting back to Germany, my parents decided to come out after all. And they wanted to go to Denmark. So... we went again in September when they came out to visit.  This time we rented a car and drove from Hamburg through almost the whole country of Denmark over the course of a week. The places we visited included: 
  • Tonder
  • Romo
  • Ribe
  • Hobro
  • Rold Skov (Forest)
  • Mols Bjerge (National Park)
  • Aarhus
  • Odense
  • Copenhagen
  • Mons Klint (chalk cliffs)
  • Kronborg Castle (Helsingor)
So - we have sooooooo many pictures of our Denmark trips that I'm going to split them up into at least 2 posts.  Here's the first batch!

Denmark has a lot of these crazy crows with fuzzy grey vests on. :)

We call this the "Churt-ch". Because the rock it's made out of is shiny black churt. 
See what I did there?  Eh? Eh?

At Tivoli, they had this awesome ballet on one of the stages with people wearing traditional Danish clothes. Awesome. It featured a scandalous supernatural character we called, 
"the fairy of promiscuity". 

Tivoli. It's a magical amusement park - apparently Disney Land was based on this place. 

Church of our Savior in Copenhagen. 

Near the top of the spiral tower of the church. 

The royal guard posts in Copenhagen

Christiansborg palace. Didn't see the inside, but the outside is pretty... large.

Bishop Absalon - very important figure in Danish history. And religious figures that carry weapons are just awesome regardless. 

Inside Rosenborg palace. Silver lions, an ivory throne made from spiral Narwhal horn. Seriously epic.

The throne room in Rosenborg palace.

The crown jewels - in the treasury of Rosenborg palace.

Rosenborg Palace from the outside. 

The beach in Copenhagen. It was not super warm, but the water was soooooo clear. 

The look of traditional Danish churches. These things dot the landscape all over the place. Very scenic.

The white cliffs of Mons Klint. It was sunny and nice when Risa and I were there.

We joined the masses of saps who spelled out their names on rocks on the beach. :) Cute. 

The beach at Mons Klint.

Another example of the Danish style churches - love them.

The outdoor Viking museum in Roskilde. This guy is deomonstrating how to kill someone with a sword. Ha ha ha. Awesome. 

At the viking ship museum - actual viking ships they pulled out of the harbor and pieced back together painstakingly over... forever.

Far shot of Roskilde with the cathedral in the background.

The first day my parents were in town - hitting downtown Hamburg. :)

Inside the courtyard of Hamburg Rathaus.

From the spire of St. Michael's church. (Hamburg)

Inside St. Michael's church. Anything named "Michael" has to be awesome, right? And it is.

On the beach at one of our first stops in Denmark - Romo. Not terribly warm, but beautiful nonetheless.

The famous church at Ribe. It was rebuilt in a different style after it burned, so now it's a mash-up of differet styles of architecture. Very cool place.

The coast at Ribe. We didn't find any of the migrating birds we were looking for (black sun phenomenon), but it was very nice anyway.

This was in Rold Skov, a.k.a. the "Troll Forest". Soooooooo cool. 

I can see trolls living here. 

Risa sitting on a troll.

We stayed at this super cool guest house in Hobro owned by this old guy. Spoke very little English, but was full of energy and good vibes. Loved it. 

A cool striped church on top of the hill in Hobro.

An old viking castle ruins in Mols Bjerg National Park.

Mols Bjerg National Park. Awesome.

Holy crap. A tip to Hobro is worth the price JUST TO GET THESE PASTRIES. They're even called "Hobro Pastries" (translation). Oh. Em. Gee.  I'm salivating just looking at the picture. 

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