Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Labor Day, State Fair, and New Additions

A picture says a thousand words... so I don't need to write this post, right? Considering that would eliminate the purpose of blogs, I shan't do that, so I guess I will write a few things about the last month or so. Labor day was one of the last awesome crazy weekends of the Summer, I know this because I am losing feeling in my fingers with our window open - Fall has arrived, but more about that later I guess. Labor day Michael decided that we HAD to go camping and that we HAD to go to the Uintas to camp or we would face certain death/untimely demise, so we looked up somewhere we hadn't been and set off. Two hours in the wrong direction later (well, we didn't know the road we were counting on was a private one with no trespassing...) we found a different campsite than the one we intended and it was all awesome, it was up by Hanna, UT. This was also our first camping trip with Bosa, our dog, and he shows his glee in the picture below:
Bosa loved camping, although it was funny to see what he thought of the different experiences. When I went to give him his food, he buried some of it first (maybe thinking it was his last meal), and when it got dark he had to sit in your lap, there were no other options. It was a bit nippy out so we put a sweater on him, but he loves those anyway.
We had a great time making tinfoil dinners, sleeping outdoors, and taking a big hike the next day. Bosa was ecstatic to go on a hike, it was like the eternal walk he's always dreamed of, even though it was somewhere around 6-7 miles. We hiked up to a series of lakes and it was really beautiful, and Bosa learned that water might not be so scary as he wandered in a few of them wanting to get to Mike on the other side.
After we went camping, we stayed with Mike's parents on actual Labor day. We went golfing, well, my mom-in-law and I rode along with Mike and his dad while they golfed, and then we went up another 6-7 mile hike in Bountiful, the view was stunning and we had lots of fun with Mike's parents and his cousin, Cadence, that went with us. This picture is the result of hiking in our Teva's (hiking sandals) - I thought it was funny.
Here's Michael at the Utah State Fair, one of our favorite annual events. We went with an awesome pair of twins and their husbands Michael met at work, one of them being Shelly and her hubby that went with us to Zions earlier this year. We had lots of fun, but not too many picture opportunities, so this is it. We love wandering the booths, we even got to go on some rides a-la-friends, and we just had lots of fun wandering around seeing the animals. After the fair we went to Mike's parents' house to pick peaches and pears - peach season ROCKS - and after that we went to Shelly's sister's house to watch Advent Children Complete (one of the best movies for one of the best games ever made), and as a whole had a lot of fun. PS- As much as I love peaches, I didn't love the fruit flies this year - I can't figure out which was worse, having them all over my kitchen, or having the megalith monuments of death (aka fly strips) swaying in the breeze...
And last but not least, last week we decided that we wanted a kitten, so we got one. The conversation went something like this:
Risa called Mike: "Hi Honey, I think I would like a kitten."
Mike: "Okay, let's get one." And he did.
Not too bad of a husband there, eh? He's so awesome, I sent him tons of online adds for free kittens, and then he picked one up on his way home from work. Our little furball is tiny and sweet, and very, very loud. He yells at us all of the time, even when he is purring and we are lavishing attention on him. We think we are going to name him Captain Edward Teach after Blackbeard the Pirate, as Edward Teach was one of his "real" names (one that he went by anyway). Needless to say, Inca is royally peeved, so the intro process is going slow, but we hope that she can grow to tolerate him as well as she tolerates Bosa. Bosa is very jealous, but he's doing very well now and likes to play with Teach sometimes. I took some film of his protests the first night we had the cat.

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