Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Fun

Here are some recent pictures of our mischievous rascal Teach and some from the family Halloween Parties (they were early this year). The same week as the parties we also celebrated our 4 year anniversary - woot woot! - with a fun trip to Park City and an awesome dinner at Sage's Cafe in Salt Lake City.Here's Teach investigating the camera... he has to investigate/chew on/play with all things, including the stove (hot or cold), counters, any and all food and/or drinks (including taste tests), all clothing, the great outdoors, the shower, you name it, he's in it or doing something to it as we speak...

This one is one of my favorites, with Teach actually not eating the pumpkin stem yet. The flowers Michael bought me for our anniversary, what a sweetie! We sure love having a black cat for Halloween, he's so photogenic that way.

Teach sleeping in the plant pot... hopefully he doesn't do anything else in there later :)
Michael was a retired barbarian for Halloween, here he is with his cousins Cadence (a mime) and Gage (some sort of observer dude I think). They are awesome!
Here's our lovely family. Michael, the retired barbarian (idea a la Terry Pratchett Discworld novels and costume a la my amazing sister with the theater degree - Tabitha). Michael drew his own vericose veins, but Taffy (I call my sister that for short) did his makeup and supplied most of the costume. The barbarian is "courting Death" - me, and Bosa was going to be a frog but we forgot his costume so we put him in his Halloween sweater instead, it has an awesome black skull and crossbones on the back. A full line-up of pictures from the parties, etc., is in Michael's online album (option #2 in our link to albums). We love Halloween!

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gbrooks said...

Teach is so cute! I wish Sam were as agreeable about getting a cat. And awesome costumes as always. We were VERY disappointed to miss the Halloween party. Hope to see you soon! <3 Garin