Friday, August 10, 2012


So we just figured out how to get photos off of our phones, so here is a semi-random and not too timeline accurate assemble of photos from the last few weeks!
 Here's Michael and Thuy, our sweet Vietnamese friend we met at a coffee shop. We are on the Cau Thuan Phuoc bridge, the most north bridge in Da Nang. She's amazing, she's helped us a lot to find the different things that we need and she also cooked dinner for us last Sunday.
 Here's a creepy dead spider we found on our fence, I shrieked and had Thuy get it off the fence as I thought it was still alive. It's huge! Michael even freaked out a bit when he saw it.
 Here's a sight we welcome in our area - it's a lizard with a big cockroach in his mouth. I need to get me more of those...
 Here's a picture of Michael and some of his awesome designers that took us out for seafood the first week we were here. They were so awesome and ordered crazy things (to us) for dinner (in next post) and were so nice.
 Photo of our sandal tans! Mine's even worse now, I have a very distinct Z pattern on both of my feet, it's the most tan area on my body - totally nuts.
 Here's an awesome night photo of a gecko on a landscape ornament, these guys are really fun.
 These are awesome huge statues on the riverside walkway by a small sculpture park.
Another photo of the Song Han Bridge.
Here's me with our first motorbike. Michael drives this one primarily, and the one I drive is the same make only black.
Since we have a red and black one and our friend Xavier has a green one, we've jokingly nicknamed them Spiderman, Batman, and the Hulk. What do you expect from people who talk video games all day?

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