Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nigh-time Visitors

The other night Michael was washing the dishes and I turned around to get something off of the table and just about screamed as I saw two large, black eyes staring at me over the windowsill. Turns out it was this guy:
Michael wanted to investigate so he turned the light on outside the kitchen window and the frog jumped about 5 feet away to the fence where he is sitting in the picture. He is about the size of your hand - so cool! When we opened the kitchen door to go look at him we saw this:
A toad! I tried touching him and it freaked him out and he jumped away, but stayed in the yard. I tried taking more pictures but it was dark so they all turned out fuzzy, but we sure had fun!
I must admit, while I was sitting in the house yesterday after running errands (yes, I rode a motorbike all by myself all the way across town!) listening to the geckos chirp while they wandered around on the drapes, I thought that this really is a dream come true - as a kid I always dreamed of having a house where lizards roamed around freely, and there are even frogs and toads in the backyard. 
Childhood dreams come true score 1.

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Tammie said...

Oh your blog is going in my favorites! So glad you are blogging about your adventures! LOVE IT! Can't wait to show Ryan!