Monday, October 15, 2012

Conference and our 7th Anniversary 2012

A week after the western world watched the October LDS Semiannual General Conference and 3 days of downloading, we were able to watch the conference this weekend. Sadly, some of the downloads didn't work, and I found that my hours of dedication amounted to little as streaming worked just as well. Our friends thought it a little strange that we holed ourselves up a bit for 2 days, but it was worth it and it was a very good conference. For Sunday dinner I made home-made burritos!  Nothing like a little Mexican to remind us of home - I've really realized how much our food is influenced by Hispanic culture while being out here, it't the Latin flair to food that I miss a lot.

We had them buffet-style with red rice, tomatoes, corn and onions, Asian avocados (a little different but still good), home-made tortillas, and some really good smashed kidney beans a-la-Michael spiced with cumin and some chili powder. Seriously, Michael used a jar to smash the beans, it was amazing. Ultimately, good food equals a happy hubby (even if he doesn't like multiple photos):

We celebrated 7 years of marriage the next day on October 15th. As it was a Monday, it was a little weird, but we had some fun anyway. We had decided to go on a trip in a few weeks for the main celebration, so celebrations on the day itself were limited as we were saving moolah for the trip.
However, that being said - we spent way too much on a very yummy chocolate mousse cake made by a French bakery here in Da Nang. At 400,000VND, it is likely the most expensive cake in the city, but it was delicious - brownie crust with a rich, smooth, chocolatey mousse on top that was so thick it almost had a texture of cheesecake. It was really great, but it did take almost half of our food budget for the week.
The day had a few shaky bumps, but after work Michael picked up the cake, at the usually-closed bakery that opened just for us (it pays to have French friends with connections!), and we enjoyed a taste before we left for a movie date.

 We ran from the house to the Big C supermarket to catch FrankenWeenie in 3D. It was about the same cost as a regular ticket back home, so not too bad, and it was really really fun. We were starving so we got some popcorn and a drink - it's crazy, they have either salty or sweet popcorn! We were surprised so we got a bag with half of each. While waiting for our treats we had a French tourist come up to us and ask us where to get good, cheap Vietnamese food, so we tried to steer him in the direction of where we go for lunch, and we left him a friend's number in case he got lost - considering we didn't know any names or addresses, just the general area on a map.
As for the movie - it was a lot of fun but we weren't thrilled with it. It certainly had some good moments, but overall it wasn't our favorite Tim Burton film. The funny thing was we were laughing loud at some parts and everyone else in the theater was silent - I guess that's cultural nuances for you.
On the way home we stopped at a Vietnamese food place and through misunderstanding we ordered WAY too much food, and we were so stuffed that we almost couldn't eat more cake when we got home. But we were strong and ate it anyway. Overall it was a nice day, and we are glad we made it through these 7 years together - plus we ate cake for a week, how can that not be a good thing ;)

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Tabitha said...

I'm so glad you got cake for your anniversary! We haven't seen frakenweenie yet, heard it wasn't the best for a 5 year old and a 3 year old - plus it's us and we go out to the movies probably only once a year if that. ;p I think it's cool you're doing such an amazing adventure in your 7th year as marriage - 7 is a lucky number right?! :D I hope you were able to see/read all the conference talks eventually. There were some really great ones and I really enjoyed it. And tell Mike he needs to let you take pictures because we love to see his smiling face :)