Thursday, October 11, 2012

Waking up with the rain...

I've decided that Norah Jones was greatly mistaken when she sang about wanting to "wake up with the rain falling on a tin roof" (see this song here if you don't know Norah). If you want to experience what it's really like - go put a large pot on your head and stand in the shower - that is what it sounds like when you are trying to sleep with rain falling on a tin roof. (At least the amount of rain that falls in these parts)
Our neighbor has a tin roof (or some metallic material roof) about level with our bedroom window, so falling asleep or staying asleep when it rains has been a new challenge - that and dealing with a really, really bad mattress, but that's another story.
The rainy season and cooler temperatures are here for a while (cool temps like in the low 80's, maybe even down to the high 70's Fahrenheit, I never thought I'd be so happy with those temperatures). It doesn't rain all of the time - yet, I'm told - but the entire city is under a haze of moisture as the cooler temperatures cause all the humidity to condense in the air. There is a perpetual fog bank, especially at night when the temperature drops more, and everything feels really damp. There's a layer of moisture on the floor of the house, so in the light you can see your footprints wherever you have gone, and I really can't tell anymore when the laundry is dry and when it is damp, they seem to be one and the same. The side mirrors on my bike were foggy while I was driving home last night, and my glasses will fog up on night-time beach walks too. But regardless, our bodies still really love all the moisture after living in a desert for 27 or so years, and my hair is finally happy! I don't even have to use the 5 bottles of conditioner I brought with me, it's amazing.

Weird sighting of the Day:
Today I saw a queen-sized, wooden bed frame being carried on a motorbike by one single person on my way to lunch - he was kind of wearing it like a backpack. Then, after lunch, I had to pass a guy driving with a queen-sized mattress on the back of his motorbike - it was a little like this video, but not strapped down as much. Crazy crazy :)

It was still fun today though when I realized that my brain still hadn't caught on to the concept that I am living in Asia, every time I would think that phrase I felt a little better somehow, maybe because it just sounds cool.


Miranda said...

What size of bed do you have?

Mike and Risa said...

I think it's a king size, at least it's bigger than almost all sheets we've seen here - one of our friends had to look for a long time to find sheets to fit it. The main issue is that the beds out here feel like box-springs when they are new, and like really work box-springs when they are old, and ours is obviously old - you sleep on a large layer of old springs with a thin covering that includes the sheets. There's a double or so in the other room that we are going to trade it out with and see if it is better - either way we wake up stiff and sore, but ah well - at least it motivates me to get out of bed and stay out! :)