Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lots of good food And Lots of Pictures!

Whew! I just finished about 4+ hours looking through yummy recipes at and my awesome friend, Tammie's website ( in my list of links/blogs). Our printer decided to run out of ink finally, and after finding that there are new printers with extra ink for less $ than a new ink cartridge, we will be waiting a while to print again. And so, the writing of the recipes began. But now I've got about 11 new albums in my online Picasa account, and a week's worth of breakfast and dinner recipes. Surprisingly, my fingers aren't that tired! It must have been all of the note-taking in school coming back to me. In the end, you should all go and look at all my new pictures (that took quite a while to download) and you can see all the pics from our Amazing 2008 Adventure with Mike's parents (we went to Virginia, Washington DC, New York City, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and we drove through other places probably but I can't remember), our trip to Moab, and our family photo out-takes. We will get more stuff on in the future, I promise. I saw some of my family's blogs and other blogs and they're so awesome that we are (or I am) going to work harder to make this one awesome. Some possible future features will be highlights of different things we enjoy, and of course any big events, and don't forget more pictures! I may go on about different things, like our new vegan/whole foods lifestyle, because that is huge for me, but bear with us and we will work more to make things interesting. Now go and look at those pictures :)

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