Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a day

Wow, it has been an eventful week. The day before I held a baby shower for my sister's soon-to-be baby boy, our step-sister from my mother's second marriage called. We hadn't talked to/seen her since the divorce almost 10 years ago, and it was such an amazing experience. We were raised together as siblings, and we'll always be siblings regardless of legalities. It was wonderful to hear that my three sisters are all married and happy, one is going to have a baby boy in a couple of months, and the younger brother is serving an LDS mission in the Dominican Republic. I got to be friends with them on Facebook today, and it was such an awesome experience to re-connect with them and realize that family is so much more than biology or legal papers. It's been a strange life growing up with siblings and then losing them, but now we can put our parents' issues behind us and still care about eachother. What an awsome thing to have happen. I am so grateful for this wonderful experience, it has taught me so much about love and the nature of families, I hope that we can all keep in touch and care about eachother without reservations. Family and love are the two most important things in this life, and I'm so happy to be able to have both right now, it's been a long road, but this new beginning is sweet!
:) Risa

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