Friday, January 23, 2009

Enter the Household of Doom!

Not really - I just thought it might be an interesting title for the first installment of random information on us, starting with stuff we display around our house/house tour. Today I will show you some of the stuff we have on our shelves, mainly our Invader Zim collection of toys that you don't play with, weird concept, eh? Anyhew, when you come into our house you see this shelf-
It has lots of pretty things on it :) The story behind it all is that we were first moving into our new home about the same time that we discovered the joys of Invader Zim. I tend to get a little obsessive at times, so I decided that we needed some of these Invader Zim figurines as "decorations" for our new house. It was a great excuse to have Michael let me spend way too much money on toys, but they rock! The bottom shelf in our front room has a part of our collection - which I will tell you more about with these pictures:

We have a set with Ms. Bitters, the lovely school teacher, that includes things like her desk, a lovely neck-ring Hall Pass, and some destiny-determining blotch tests (one of which has Human Slave written next to each one). I put the mutant rats with her because they seemed more fitting. We also have Gaz, and she's holding a pink version of the C-S2, and she has things like a piece of pizza, a can of Poop soda, and her in a beaver suit.

In this picture you can see Dib, with his lovely computer desk full of gadgets, and one of our favorite figures - Dib changing into Bologna. We also have their crazy dad, Dr. Membrane, floating next to him.

One of my other favorites is our set with Gir. We have lots of different Gir figures, but the one here is just regular Gir in his living room set with his squeaky moose on the couch, some Krazy Tacos, a lovely Suck soda, and a cupcake. He's also in his dog suit riding a piggy. We have both of Zim's robot parents, but only the Mom is out on display.

On this end we have some interesting figures of Zim. One is Zim in the Old Man disguise, which is used in one of Mike's favorite episodes. We also have the crazy dog, Mini Moose, a robot bee, and Zim in his Human suit. I love Almighty Tallest Red and Almighty Tallest Purple, but unfortunately Red likes to tip over a lot so I have to glue one of his antennae back on.
Also in our front room we have an Invader Zim clock that I payed too much for also (don't buy them off of eBay- it was just an Ikea clock with a custom paper put in it - not too much fun), but I must admit the guy who made it was very creative, as it has a different Invader for each number on the clock.Other than the shelf in our front room, we also have a few things on our dresser in our bedroom - mostly Zim with the front of his house, another Dib, the giant piggy from the "Attack of the Saucer Morons" episode, and some more Girs. Can you see the box of Poop Candy?

Anyhew, if you can't tell by now, we really like Invader Zim. I love the figurines as they are such great quality and the company that made them was really brilliant with all of the little extras that come with each set. It was really sad that the company went out of business, it makes finding these really hard! The one set I really really really want still but is hard to find and expensive is a figure with Pustulio Zim, complete with a clear-ish Pustulio on the side of his head! Maybe someday.... Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things we have around our home, until next time!

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