Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to the word Eli!

Welcome to the world Elijah Wolfe! Eli, as they are calling him, was born on friday February 6th at 11:41 pm, weighed 9lbs 6 oz, and was 22 inches long. He was born two years and two days after his big sister, Kristianna. It was my first (and maybe last) birth experience, but I am very glad I was there. My sister actually started having contractions on Kristianna's birthday, but, not wanting to upset his sister by confiscating her special day, little Eli waited two more days to finally decide he was ready for the world. My sister is grateful that he finally made up his mind. I must say, childbirth is definitely a miracle, but I think for the first time I find myself being happy with the idea that it may never be an experience I personally have. Cuddling with the babies afterward is definitely the best part. My sister is doing very well, she has her babies at home so it is a different experience all together but she is doing fantastic. Eli sure is a little angel, the complete opposite of his big sister. With Kristianna my sister was in labor for about 12hrs or so, and he took his sweet time. She came into the world screaming, he makes light little squeaky noises and doesn't scream at all. But they are both the cutest little sweet things I could be blessed to have in my life. Sorry the text in this post is short, I'm trying to let Eli sleep on my chest but still have my hands free to type. Here are some pictures!
Here is Eli looking at his Dad, my bother-in-law Ian.
Here is Eli wanting that crazy aunt of his to stop with the bright, flashing lights already.

This is Eli with his beautiful eyes open.
This is auntie and Kristianna opening some presents for her birthday that had to wait for 3 days until baby brother decided to come and Kristianna could come home from Grandma's house. She got a new baby doll. She was pretty confused when she first came home, but she is happy now and loves holding and rocking baby "E".

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Miranda said...

He's beautiful! I forgot they could be that small. Tell Taff congrats!