Monday, March 9, 2009

A Very Sad Day

Today was a very sad day. It was the day our lovely little sugar gliders went to their new home in Idaho. They're probably waking up in a new house right now (sniff). We have had them for almost 3 1/2 years, their smell still permeates the house (it's a sweet smell though, at least I think so). Sadly, due to finances, the need for more room, and the critters needing more time and attention than we gave, etc., we decided about a month ago to find them a new home. I had the post up for about 3 weeks before we were contacted by someone who already has 4, and just needs more to "spread the love". Their new mom is also a teacher, and takes her critters to school a few times a week, so I know they'll be loved. I am happy that we were able to find a new home that would take good care of them, but the ache in my heart is still huge (as the large empty wall covered in food they left behind - sugar gliders like to throw their food when they're eating). It has been one of the toughest decisions that I've ever had to make, and I think I will always wish they were still here, but realistically it just wouldn't have worked if we want to have room for a family and care for human babies someday. You can't have a music studio, a kid's room, a library, and a room for the critters in only two rooms without something giving, but it really sucks anyway. I am hoping to get more someday, when we have kids that are old enough to not hug them to death, etc., so that will be fun, but these guys will always have a piece of my heart. How can you help but love the little fuzz-butts? They are cute, little, soft, fuzzy, sweet nocturnal creatures that will melt your heart when you see them and demand an automatic "awww". I've included a link to a little video we took of their last night here, and I took lots of pictures and put them in our online album. I won't post many here because I can't see their pictures all of the time without my eyes leaking - hopefully that will go away with time. They are beautiful creatures. I feel so odd only having a cat and a dog now, it seems too normal....

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Tabitha said...

Your post made me want to cry :(
Being an animal lover myself I understand and really feel for you sis! We've lost so many pets over the years for one reason or another but I like to think we'll be able to be with them again in heaven - especially those that really touched our hearts.
I know its not much consolation but you're welcome to play with my monkey anytime (ok so it's Kristianna but she can seem like a monkey) :)