Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Tour Must Go On! (I Guess)

So, I was really excited at the beginning of the year to "hype up" our blog, decorating it with fun backgrounds, writing lovely things, etc. But somewhere along the new year snowfalls, my bubble burst and it's been like pulling teeth to make myself do anything with it. Sorry. One of my big ideas was a tour of our house, and since I'm not feeling too much tooth pain at the moment (it might be pent up energy from being sick in bed all week), I figure I'll continue with another room: duh duh dah! The Pirate Basement.
Yes, the couch is hideous, but it's a comfy, cheap couch we bought at a yard sale when we were getting married and it's just too comfy to toss out until we happen to get a great replacement. I keep most of it covered, but the peach pillows are a representation of what its true glory is like. Anyhew, Michael and I somehow got interested in Pirates, oh yeah, his proposal was a "Pirate Adventure" complete with Spongebob taped to the boat (pictures someday). So somehow we ended up thinking we could decorate our basement in piratey decor.
We've had lots of fun finding new pieces, on our end table we have a clock that looks like a compass in a box, various jewelery boxes, a model ship, and a horrible lamp that Michael bought me from a second-hand store for our 3rd anniversary (we had $5 each to spend, and he thought the lamp was awesome). The lamp was so ugly we had to have it, plus the light bulb part is supposed to look like a dripping candle (although nobody will ever really look).
We have a few different glass/metal lamps, a barometer thing, fun old pictures of ships, rubber-band pistols...

Candles on the walls are fun (getting wax off carpet is not...). Maps, Pirate Taz (my find for Michael in the second hand store), treasure boxes, swords...Stuff that needs to be dusted.....Including this awesome Jack Sparrow bobble head doll...
A roll-top desk with some multi-cultural things (I have some papyrus paintings on the wall where the roll-top is, and some Asian coins, Yoga statues, etc.)...And the room wouldn't be complete without a parrot! Eventually, we would love to either paint or put up really old wallpaper.... I think the look we are going for is more like the Captain's room of a ship, or something.... Anyhew, it's a fun little room for hot summer days and for this (that's our niece Kristianna and Mike by the way):

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