Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Adventure Time with Mike and Risa

Adventure Time,
Come on family and friends
We're going to Very distant lands.
With Michael Brooks,
And Risa Niels-en
The fun will never end?
Adventure Time!
And thus it begins.
8 weeks ago we decided to change EVERYTHING and accept a job offer in Da Nang, Vietnam - how's that for something else in life? Over other various methods to adopt/have a family/move out of state/continue with our generally even-paced lives we decided this sounded like more fun. For the last 8 weeks, every time someone has learned of our decision to move they have said the exact same thing: "What an Adventure". I think I've heard the words at least a hundred times now - hence the name of this post (also - we TOTALLY love the show Adventure Time. For reference, see Risa's pictures of her Halloween costume last year). We hope to be reviving this blog to help stay in touch with friends and family.  More updates to come! We are currently trying to get things sorted out at the SFO airport before we travel for 13.75 hrs and 6914 miles to Hong Kong. Wow. Let's see if I (Mike) can finish a whole book before we arrive in our first Asian destination ever! Wish me luck.
We love you all!

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