Thursday, July 12, 2012

We Made it Across the Ocean

We have made it to Ho Chi Minh! It is 1:44AM here and we are tired, and I (Risa) have already had one breakdown of culture shock, let's see how many we get before we get settled a bit. The flights were ok, the vertigo is subsiding, but it does look like a lot of the supplements (and the shampoo!) I tried to bring over were confiscated in our checked luggage :P Ah well, everything will hopefully work out fine. It sure is sticky, we are going to try to figure out the shower/tub thing in the hotel they put us in (our room is like 10ft by 10ft with a little bathroom off the side), and for $1US you can buy a little snickers bar - it is 35 grams - about half the size you would get in the states. What an adventure! We still have faith that this is a good thing, but my brain is sure getting in the way with those "What the $#@#$#@ was I thinking?" moments, though Michael feels differently - to him "it's all sunshine and miracles". 

We love you all!

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Sherri said...

I will be praying for you my Risa. Hope the shocks are few and far between. Glad you got there all in one piece. :)