Monday, July 30, 2012

Our new house!

So after looking for about a week we finally found a house to rent and we moved in on Monday the 30th. It is just 1 block away from the beach on the peninsula off of the main city, and we are starting to settle in. Here are some photos, I will update with more info in a bit:
 Here's the front
 Here's the living room
Here's the kitchen

Here's the only cupboard I will actually use because it closes tight to keep out bugs

Here's the stairs

 Here's the view from the front porch
 Here's the view from the balcony
 This is the master bedroom
Here is the second bedroom - we have been sleeping here as it was easier to find sheets for this bed than the bigger master bed at first.


Miranda said...

Wow, that place is huge! Glad you found something so quickly.

Laura said...

Mike and Risa,

I just finished reading all of your blog posts, (I was a little behind) and I can't believe how beautiful it is there. It looks like you guys are making friends and settling in nicely. I am a tad bit jealous of all the sightseeing you get to do, but I love that you are posting everything in detail so that I can learn about their culture and way of life. I think your new home looks AMAZING and I'm surprised how clean, sparkling and shiny everything seems to be there. I'm glad you found some bug netting for your bed. I can only imaging the size and number of bugs there must be in that climate. Lots of love~


Mike and Risa said...

Yeah - tell me about it. It may look clean but that's really only because I cleaned it when we got here - it's not standard practice to clean a home before you rent it out or when you are moving out. Everything is lacquered I believe to keep the water damage down, but this house is really beautiful. I am settling down now after Michael took a few days to kill about a dozen 2 inch long cockroaches in our kitchen, it's SO gross! But I must say that watching the little geckos play peek-a-boo as they roam freely around the house is a dream come true :)

Sherri said...

The lacquer is very shiny. Your house is amazing, well except for the creatures you get to share it with. Good thing you like geckos!

Tabitha said...

That house is GORGEOUS!! I'm super jealous of the spiral staircase and the views out your front porch and balcony are incredible! Kristianna was excited that the outside was pink. She was also really curious as to What is THAT! when she saw the mosquito net over the bed. I can just imagine if we had to do that and Ian sitting up in the middle of the night and getting all caught up in the net. I'm so glad you found such a beautiful place to live!